Juice Fast Day 2

Well, here I am. I’d say still on the apple cart. I’m starting to notice the backlash from people who hate seeing you doing something healthy or good for you, or make progress when you have a little self sacrifice in your life. Not happy with my roommate last night, he was taunting me with hot dogs and other foods. I hid my self in my room so I couldn’t smell what they were cooking, then my girlfriend kept opening the door because she wanted the A/C.

The other thing that happened last night was seeing beer and thinking I could have it because it was liquid. It was hard but I didn’t fail in that department. Whew.

So my failures so far have been miniscule, but I’ll note them. I grabbed a pinch (no exaggeration) of meat from the casserole that was covalently left out when I went to use the bathroom. And I ate about a centimeter of kale, and I had a V8 in between breakfast and lunch.

So to summarize, I had less than a teaspoon of food, and non-raw vegetable juice (with added salt and “natural flavors”)…. Not enough to stop me. I don’t like feeling disappointed in my self-control. I’m still do pretty well considering my attachment to food, I think. I weighed in this morning and I appear to be down to 139, not doing the happy dance yet, but at least the scale is moving in the right direction.

Second day thoughts include that organic food tastes better, wash everything regardless, you can run tops and ends through the juicer in a hurry but it’s better for taste if you don’t.. besides the obvious stated, if juice tastes like garbage to you, add apples! It fixes nearly anything, even kale. For the lunch and dinner juices, ginger and garlic specifically really bring out a flavor you can be excited about (sorta), reminds you of a meal. Garlic has been a real favorite.

1:30 PM

I’m done with breakfast and lunch juice. Feeling pretty full, I made a lot more juice for lunch today, about twice as much. Actually feeling full for once. I’m looking at roughly 3 glasses of fresh juice and a V8. My tummy feels ok. Still pretty bothered by the site and smell of food, but I was able to go into the cafeteria today and see food face to face and not go crazy.

4:00 PM

You know, there’s a real big difference between actually being hungry and wanting food. The juice fast is really helping me understand that. I’ll be hanging out with my pal Bill tonight to try and work on some music. Not drinking beer or booze will be a real challenge tonight. I have a problem with feeling festive when it’s time to do music, and when I feel festive, I want booze. In reality, what happens is I get booze, start doing something musical, get sloshed, and fall asleep. I hope to be strong tonight and hopefully it will result in some musical progress aye?

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