Juice Fast Day 3

Down to about 236 – 237 lbs. Not as bothered by seeing and smelling food today. Bumped into a few people who knew what I was doing and thought well of it.

My roommate was a little more helpful today. I expressed that I wanted to drink a beer, he offered to get me one, and I declined. “Please don’t encourage me dude”. He went to the store and only returned with some healthier things for himself, and one small beer for himself. Not bad! I was expecting him to get me one anyway, he didn’t.

I had more energy to clean and do chores. My friend who came over to do music kinda just worked on his own project while I caught up on chores.

I had a dream last night, I had convinced myself that “soup” was juice. I started to eat it, then realized the cold truth that I was eating noodles, and that I failed. It was just a dream! I work up with a little more motivation to stay on target

I also added a fiber pill to my diet. Not food, but is good for cleansing and helps me feel full.

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