Starting an online business in New York? Expect a big F.U. from the great state of NY!

Looks at this crap!

“This application is provided by the Department of Taxation and Finance as a convenience and to facilitate compliance with collection of the appropriate amount of sales tax for various goods or services subject to the tax. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you use the correct tax rate and jurisdiction reporting code when reporting sales tax.”


Wow, they were even smug enough to bold that on their website.

So basically, they say:

  • “We are going to make you collect a sales tax based on where your customer lives. “
  • “By the way, sales taxes are different county to county”
  • “No, we don’t provide a spreadsheet of zip codes for you to somehow try and enter into your online store”
  • Here’s a stupid tool for you to look up one sale at a time.

It’s almost as if the crotchety old men who run the sales tax in the state of NY are being sourpuss about the lost revenue due to online commerce and are attempting to sabotage NY residents and now the rest of the country (yes, they are forcing people in other states to collect tax like this now also) for being successful at online sales.

  • Rumor has it they are at war with Amazon, and the now Federal, NYS sales tax has been dubbed “The Amazon Tax”.

But who does it hurt the most? NEW YORK residents that plan on doing most of their online sales to other people in New York. Unfortunately, that’s me.

I’ve hired an accountant and there’s no easy way out of this. You can’t just collect 8%, you’ll be penalized by the state, the same state that is basically trying to fuck your shit up. Madness.

I’ve really only been able to find a list done by another poor soul. Thank you cwpollock! I can’t believe that the best information on this is from someone else who’s been struggling since 2009. I’m worried, because the data may be outdated.

Even Paypal doesn’t have a canned solution for this. Their official answer is… “Maybe paypal isn’t for you then”

New York needs to stop being an old man yelling at a cloud. You can’t stop online sales. If the state would work with people instead of against them, maybe they’d have an easier time collecting. How about a flat NYS online sales tax? 8% sales tax for New York residents. Heck, make it more – just be consistent!

The world is shaking it’s head at you Thomas H. Mattox – do something about it.


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