Stereotyping by what type of car is driven, from a commuter perspective


Drives the speed limit, a little under or over. Never gets out the way for anyone. Rides the passing lane and thinks the road belongs to them. Not the worst drivers, but rarely good.


Either a fantastic driver, or can’t drive for shit. If they can’t drive for shit, then they are usually converts from Mercedes, and don’t get out of the passing lane for anyone because they own the road and everyone else is a peasant.


Drives slow or carefully because they know their car is going to break.




Under educated. Either extremely white, or extremely black. Knows their car is going to break, but bought it anyway or it’s all they could afFORD.



Ford Mustang

Under educated Italian. Pompous, rich, and the car will break, but they will have purchased a new muscle car to transport their muscle milk by then.



Honda (Ticked out)

Puerto Rican, suburban white kid, or almost 30 verging on midlife crisis.




Toyota Prius

Under the impression that they own the road because they think they are saving the planet.




Smart Car

Drives defensively. Scared to death that they are behind the wheel of a pregnant roller-skate.




Either drives like / is an old person or:
Is an aggressive driver, often bossy on the road. Not a stranger to speeding and lane changes.




Chevy Impala,
and other cars driven by police.

Either drives like / is an old person or:
Is a cop, a wanna be cop, or a complete hoodlum who wants to be perceived as a cop.





Raised Truck = Redneck
Lowered Truck = Mexican





If it has rims or pretend rim hubcap covers = Mexican.

That or they drive horribly. A) because they are a soccer mom and they are on the phone. B) because they are driven by a guy who used to own a nice car and got sucked into having kids, is mad about it, and drives the minivan like a dick, trying to imagine it’s still that tricked out Honda he was forced to sell.


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  1. Do more cars! What about corvette drivers ? ;-)

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